My Favourite walks near Chesterfield
"A rainy day in the Peak District is better than a sunny day in the office"

These are not just some of my favourite walks near chesterfield they are some of my favourite walks in the peak district.

Find the best walks (below) in and around chesterfield and the peak district. They include great Derbyshire walks with children in the peak district too.

I love walking in the Peak District, in fact I love walking anywhere. The Peak District is on my doorstep so it’s where I spend a lot of time.

Walks near Chesterfield – This list will increase the faster I learn to type. All the walks I do are usually circular however I will add a couple of walks where you have to catch a bus or train and walk back. The photos are all my own just to prove I do walk the walk not just talk the talk!

All the walks below are circular walks unless otherwise indicated.

Linacre reservoir

Cutthorpe, Chesterfield

(Easy and great with kids)

Padly Gorge

and Grindleford café

(Easy and great with kids)

The Peak District four peak challenge

A 25 mile endurance challenge which can either be tackled in one day or two.

Adrian's walk - Roughin it in the Peaks

A 3 day 58 mile hike from Bakewell in the White Peaks to Edale in the Dark Peaks

Lose Hill to Mam Tor and Castleton

Includes a 45 minute steep climb.

Jacob’s Ladder - Edale

A serious 5 hour hike

Curbar Edge Circuit

Via White edge and Big moor

Bolehill Quarry

Via Padley Gorge and Grindleford

Boggarts in longshaw walk

This one is a fun walk for children

Hathersage Circular Walk

"Walk in the footsteps of Jane Eyre"

Robin Hood Circular Walk

visiting Chatsworth House

Birchover to Stanton Moor walk

visiting the "9 Sisters"

Lathkill Dale Circular Walk

A very interesting circular walk

Ladybower resevoir

An 11 mile walk taking 4 hours 

Monsal Dale

The best monsal dale walk

Chatsworth Circular Walk

8 miles

Edale Circular Walk

A serious 5 hour hike

Parsley Hay Circular

The best of the White Peaks

Before you go on a good long walk eat a hearty breakfast like porridge which releases energy slowly during the day and check the weather forecast for the day?

I’ve walked 100’s of times in the peak district and if there's one thing I have learnt it's Prepare for the worst. I was walking to Kinder downfall once with my son. We had to cope with torrential rain in the valley, thick pea soup fog at the top, side wards snow on our way back to Edale and beautiful sunshine half way down Grinds Brook. It was an amazing walk and we really enjoyed it, mainly because we were prepared for every eventuality.

Below is a list of what I carry whilst walking in the peak district – even on the easy walks with my family. You may ask “why do I need a torch Adrian”? No it’s not in case you get lost and stay out past dark, even though you would find it useful. It’s so you can look in the small caves or ice houses dotted about the area.

What you should carry on walks near chesterfield

- A good sized ruck sack which fits

- A warm jumper

- Waterproofs

- Gaiters

- Spare socks

- Sun cream (If in the unlikely event   there is any sun).

- Sunglasses – regardless of the weather, always useful to have in the wind.

This is the rucksack I use on my walks near chesterfield and it's fab.

- Plenty of water

- High energy food

- Hot coffee, tea, chocolate or soup.

- A good map of the area (or a GPS for the cheats!!)

- A map case

- A compass

- A Swiss army knife, always useful

- A pair of binoculars if you have them.

- A basic first aid kit suitable for the accidents likely to happen.

- Gloves

- A warm hat

- Mobile phone

- A torch and whistle

- Spare batteries

- Tissue paper for when you get caught short or you find a toilet but no paper.

This is me above looking all masterful. I'm actually guiding a walking group.

I'm not entirely sure where they've gone??

Contact me to arrange a fun Guided Walk

- A small pad and pen

- Spare boot laces in your first aid box

- Spare hair bobbles in your first aid box (Clearly these are for my daughter!!)

- A plastic bag for any rubbish.

- A Camera to record the natural beauty around the peak district and prove to the non believers that you managed to reach the top of Jacob's Ladder??.

Also always tell someone where your going - Just in case.

There's obviously more or different items that you may need i.e. for medical requirements. Just remember what I said at the beginning. With respect to the weather expect the worst and only take on a walk what you are physically able to cope with. 

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