Adrians Walk – Roughin it in the Peaks
(using public toilets of course?!)
They say it's better to have a cloudy day in the Peaks than it is to have a sunny day in the office.

Adrians Walk is a 52 mile 3 day hiking challenge from Bakewell to Edale taking in some of the most attractive and challenging countryside in the Peak District. It's a celebration of Britain's most popular past time and is a great challenge to complete to raise money for charity or just to do with a group

Adrians walk

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Adrian, who has lived in Chesterfield since 2004 and walked in the Peaks most of his life, wrote the Guide book to Adrian’s walk – Roughin it in the Peaks (usually a 3 day walk, but can be longer) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Pennine way – Adrians Walk to Hadrian’s Wall and to raise money for the Edale Mountain Rescue team, who Adrian volunteered for as a body! Adrian also writes in the Guide:  

“The final day of the Walk is in memory of those who stood up for our right to roam. The first 2 are dedicated to removing the beer belly I’ve been working on the last few years”.

Adrian is also a qualified, and very experienced, Hill and Moorland Leader - now training to become an International Mountain Leader. So if you are looking for a guide to take you into the hills, keeping you safe as well as having a great time contact him here to arrange a chat about your hiking goals. Alternatively click here for more information about the hikes and prices.

The guided hikes are great for groups of friends, families (all ages), celebrations and work team building activities

Adrians walk - Roughin it in the Peaks (with toilet paper of course)

Adrians Walk is an energising and energetic celebration of Britain’s most popular outdoor pastime and a great way to raise funds for charity.

The route takes you from the meandering and peaceful country lanes of the White Peaks; to single dirt tracks and strenuous uphill slogs in the Dark Peaks. The rewards are the exhilarating views and the absolute feeling of accomplishment.

“My life what a walk, what a mini adventure we’re about to go on, what a training session for the Pennine Way - Adrian’s Walk to Hadrian’s Wall”. If you like hiking, like taking photos, if you like discovering what’s around you whilst you’re walking, then you’re going to love this little guide and you’re also going to love this 3 day 58 mile hike – obviously you can take longer.

“One of the things that I love about the Peak District is you never know what to expect. The terrain is as unpredictable as the weather, and it’s often the weather that makes the terrain so unpredictable. Rain, fog, sleet, snow and glorious sunshine often in the same afternoon - am I sellin it well?”

Not only does the Adrians walk guide book list the exact route for the day walk it also describes a little local history and what you can see around you such as Peter’s stone which takes its name due to its shape resembling the basilica of St Peter's in Rome and was where the last Gibbet (a gallows used to display the bodies of criminals before or after their execution) in the county stood. Adrian Writes “You could just imagine the raven pecked bleaching bones of the dead rattling against the cold rusting metal cages in the wind, chiming their eerie warning to other would be criminals as they follow the route (not be camping here then!!)”

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Winding wheel Bole Hill QuarryWinding wheel Bole Hill Quarry

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(You receive it straight away in the form of a PDF)

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Adrians Walk is a 52 miles 2 day hiking challenge from Bakewell to Edale in the Peak District. The route takes in some of the most attractive and challenging countryside in the Peak District from the white peaks to the Dark Peaks. A Derbyshire Peak District Challenge with a difference

Adrians Walk - Roughin It in the Peaks