Birchover Stanton Moor walk

Birchover Stanton Moor walk. This is an easy walk taking in the sights of Birchover, Barton hill quarry, Stanton moor and the 9 ladies circle. A great short walk with kids

We started this walk at the little car park just off the road in front of the Druid’s inn. If there aren’t any spaces find one in Birchover village.

Opposite the pub on the other side of the road is a public footpath that takes you up the hill and into the woods.

You will then come to and pass through the old Barton Hill Quarries with rocks everywhere.

I did spot what could be the scraps of mill stones and then came across the remnants of stone buildings.

These could have been old wheel houses which used to bring up the train coaches carrying the rocks to Birchover below.

At the end of the path you’ll eventually come to a small car park which is opposite the Birchover stone ltd. Turn left and walk up the road towards Stanton moor. Just after the quarry you’ll find the entrance on the right. Enter the woods on the path and follow it to the left where you’ll find a gate and a sign explaining what Stanton moor is all about.

Cork Rock

Go through the gate and up the path. You’ll come to the cork rock which has hand a foot holds for you to climb if that floats your boat?

Continue up the path a little and you’ll see a path on the right.

We went down this path a little to the rocks and an indent in the ground, an excellent place for a great picnic.

Once you’ve had a little break continue down to the main path and take it to the left along the fence.

You’ll see the large rocks on the right. Once you’ve had a look continue along the path you were on to towards the tower.

We were very disappointed here. The council are always against people up grading their homes if they are fortunate enough to live in listed building. And then when they have a listed building that looks fun to enter and climb to the top they brick it up?

Anyway, soap box away, continue on the original path to reach the 9 ladies stones. Have a read of the board, look closely at the trees and branches for signs of modern day druids!!! And have a wander around the stones and the far off standing stone. Once you’re ready to head home take the path which was on the right hand side when you arrived at the stones. Follow this path straight on until you arrive back at the road.

9 Sisters

Turn left down the road and follow it past the stone company and down the hill to Birchover. You’ll pass the caravan park and farm entrance. We thought we saw Lamas in the field but they were alpacas. Continue through the village past the well on the left, the pub n ad onto where you parked.

We hope you have enjoyed this Birchover stanton moor walk. Please feel free to let us know how you got on and upload your photos for other visitors to see.

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