Hathersage Walk
“A Cloudy day walking in the peaks is better than a sunny day in the office”

Hathersage walk. Follow in the footsteps of Emily Bronte’s Jane Eyre and re-enact the scene from pride and prejudice on this circular walk via Stanage Edge

Plan your day

Start/Parking: The best place to start this walk is the Oddfellows road car park; which is opposite the Hathersage open air swimming pool (S32 1DU).

                                                       Parking costs

Up to 1 hours £1.20

Up to 2 hours £1.90

Up to 3 hours £3.00

Up to 4 hours £4.00

Up to 5 hours £5.00

Coach per 2 hours £5.30

Walk Summary: I started the Hathersage walk at 11.20 and finished about 3pm. The walk is 8km and comprises of paths, styles, steep climbs and a few roads. I walked this walk on Easter Sunday 2013 with my wife, son (15) and daughter (10) so it was a great family hike.

Guided walks: We have guides available to escort you on your walk. Our guides are very friendly, experienced hill walkers. They are also highly qualified first aiders. Obviously there is a charge for their time; the more there are of you the cheaper it will be. Click here to arrange your guide. All our favourite walks in the Peak District can be found here.

Quick Directions for the Hathersage walk

  1. Out of car park, turn left, head straight to main road and cross to Baulk Lane
  2. Continue up Baulk lane to left sign downhill to house with large Chimneys
  3. Follow path to road, turn right, up road to steep left turn to North Lees Hall.
  4. Follow path behind hall through woods to road
  5. Turn left to toilets, cross road and uphill to Stanage edge
  6. Turn right on top and follow to end of rocks. Take right path to car park.
  7. On road turn left, right at bend and right over style to cross moor
  8. After moor at the bottom of hill turn right and follow road past 2 houses. After 2nd large house take path immediately on right after main gates.
  9. Follow path all the way to Church. Turn left on road enter churchyard via 2nd gate.
  10. Pass through graveyard (see Little John’s grave on left). Pass through
  11. At gate continue downhill back to Baulk Lane where you started.

Start the Hathersage walk

Out of the car park and turn left, follow the road up to a passage way leading to the main Hathersage road (A6187). Over the road you’ll see Baulk Lane which is the main starting point where you will return back to later (if my instructions are accurate??!!).

Follow Baulk Lane (You’ll pass the path to the right that you come down from the Hathersage Church). After about a mile you’ll see a large house to the left and down the hill, which is here you are heading. You’ll arrive at a single sign pointing you in the direction downhill towards the large house, which is the Brookfield Manor

Follow the path to the road (Birley Lane). You’ll see a stream on the left which the path follows. See if you can spot the tree trunk made of snakes?!

At the road turn right for about 200 meters (pass Bronte Cottage) and you’ll arrive at a tarmac road/public footpath on the left leading up a steepish hill to North lees Hall. The hall is not open to the public; it’s a 2 bedroom place for people to hire for holidays.

Follow the path which goes round the back of the house and then turns sharp right and uphill into a field. Continue up the path, through the woods to the road. When you reach the road turn left to the public toilets. Opposite the toilets on the other side of the road follow the path up to stanage edge. The highest part of the Hathersage walk.

Take the most obvious path to the top there are a few, whichever one you're most happy with. At the top take a break on the rocks.

Follow stanage edge to the right (South). Follow until you reach the end of the large rocks and you’ll see a path leading to a long and narrow car park.

At the car park follow the road to the left and follow it as it bends to the right where you’ll reach a style on the right. Follow the path over the moor land to a gate at the bottom where you reach a small road. Turn right and follow the road over the cattle grid and down towards what looks like farm buildings. After the smaller first building on the right you’ll find Moorseats House. Continue past the house and follow the road. It looks like a private drive - don't worry it is a public right of way.

As you come out of the grounds you’ll see a helipad in the field on the right. Here you’ll see a path on the right. Follow this path downhill. You’ll come to a private door on the right, turn left here (there was a gate but it’s broken off). Continue downhill towards Hathersage. After the large "kissing" gate the path goes right and then uphill slightly. At the top follow the path to the right not over the style. This will lead to the road.

Little John's final resting place at the end of the Hathersage walk

When on the road turn left and enter the grave yard via the 2nd gate. Continue up the path and you’ll come across “Little” John’s grave. Yes this is the real little john, which means that Robin Hood must have been real as well!

"This proves He and Robin were more than just legends".

Ok. To finish the Hathersage walk take the gate opposite the one you came in and follow the path to Baulk Lane – The lane you started at. Turn left and you’ll get back to the main road that goes through Hathersage.

If you haven’t done already have a look around the town. There are some great outdoor shops, pubs and cafes.


We hope you enjoyed this hathersage walk

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