Curbar Edge Walk
“A Cloudy day walking in the peaks is better than a sunny day in the office”

Curbar edge walk is a circuit walk which takes 3 – 4 hours it depends if you stop off at the Grouse Inn. You walk along white edge moor at the side of big moor and enjoy the view over the derwant valley below

Plan your day for the curbar edge circuit walk.

Start/parking: Start at Curbar edge Car park Grid reference SK 263 747. 

The tariff:

£1.50 for 1 hour

£2.60 for 2 hours

£4.00 all day

National Trust members park free.

Walk summary: The Curbar edge walk is a fairly easy walk of around 10K and should take you 3 hours 4 if you stop for lunch on the way. I started at 08:15 and finished at 11:00, an early walk indeed – the 6 nation’s rugby was on at 2pm! I did stop for a quick cuppa towards the end of the walk on Curbar Edge but other than that I didn’t stop.

The walk starts at 319m and climbs to 365m at the Trig point and then to 372m near Hurkling Stone

You can start this walk at Curbar edge car park like I did or you start at Haywood car park. Haywood car park is next to the Grouse in, so if you time it right you can stop for a pint and a bite to eat at the finish. 

Guided walks: We have guides available to escort you on your walk. Our guides are very friendly, experienced hill walkers/mountain leaders. They are also highly qualified first aiders. Obviously there is a charge for their time; the more there are of you the cheaper it will be. Contact us to arrange a your guide.

Quick instructions - Curbar edge walk

  1. Head East through gate by car park entrance.
  2. Follow path to the top of hill over the foot bridge at Sandyford Brook
  3. Turn left and follow path along white edge until you reach a brick wall
  4. Follow sign to The grouse in.
  5. Just after grouse in follow footpath to right and cross both field
  6. Turn left and continue through car park, down and up steep slope to road
  7. Cross road through large white gate
  8. Follow main path all the way along Curbar edge
  9. Follow Curbar edge to the car park where you started.

A more detailed explanation follows with a PDF you can save.

Start the Curbar edge walk

Head east out of the car park (The large Gate to the left of the car park entrance) onto the moor. You’ll see a stone to the left – a little introductory peak district poetry.

The beginning part of this walk is usually very wet and muddy until you reach the top of the hill (White edge). Follow the path. It’ll take you down the slope to a little footbridge over Sandyford brook and up the steep slope to the top of White edge. You’ll see the sign pointing to the left.

The deer are very well camouflaged

Follow the stony path up the hill not the path next to the wall. If it’s relatively quiet you will see a huge stag and his harem of deer (is there a word for a group of deer, let us know via our contact page). The deer are very well camouflaged and are sometimes difficult to spot, there are there and they will probably spot you before you spot them.

On your way to the Trig point you see excellent sheltered areas to stop and have a cuppa whilst taking in the view. The path takes you to the Trig point (365m) and further along White Edge. I reached the Trig point at 08:50. Continue Along the path and eventually you’ll see a road (A625) down in the valley to the left where the Grouse pub is – that’s where we are heading. Continue along the path until you reach the stone wall with a sign indicating the grouse pub - to the left.

You can guarantee they will see you before you see them.

Take the path to the left down the hill, down the steep slippery path and through the little wooded area. You’ll pass through a gate and cross the field with the Grouse pub straight in front of you.  I got to the Grouse inn at 09:40 so I couldn’t pay a visit. Cross the A625 and (if you’re not going into the pub) just after the pub is a path to the right which crosses 2 fields. There is a sign for the Longshaw estate.

Once you reach the woods (Hay Woods) on the far side of the fields turn left and take the path straight on just next to the car park. This is Haywood car park and the tariff is the same as the Curbar Edge car park.

An additional route if you like: Just as you entered the wooded area after crossing the fields the path also went right. This path takes you down “Tumbling Hill” and into Nether Padly. If you head for Grindleford train station you’ll find Gridleford café Grid ref for the station is 249788. This is a great place for a pint of Tea and a bacon sandwich but you will have to return up the hill to the Haywood car park.

Anyway we’re going past the car park, down the slope, over the stream and up the slope to the road. Cross the road, dodging the cars!! And through the large white gate which will take you to Frogett edge and then onto Curbar Edge. The path here is easy to follow and will eventually take you back to the car park you started at. Always keep Curbar edge to the right hand side and be careful next the edge as it’s quite slippery.

I usually play a game here with my kids on windy days. Unzip your coat and lean into the wind to see how far you can lean forward.

Do take your time along Frogett Edge and Curbar edge and definitely take a breather with a cuppa on the rocks close to the edge, obviously be careful and don’t try it at home??.

You’ll eventually come to a large gate. On the other side follow the path to the car park and I hope you enjoyed this short but picturesque Curbar edge walk via White edge and Big moor.

I hope you enjoyed this Curbar edge walk taking in the site of White edge and Big moor

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