Boggarts in Longshaw Walk
“A Cloudy day walking in the peaks is better than a sunny day in the office”

The Boggarts in longshaw walk is an excellent walk for children to discover nature whilst using their imagination and looking for the boggarts of Longshaw.

I was out walking in the Longshaw estate the other day and came upon a sign for “Boggart Rise” and the “Boggart Den”. A little further on we found “Boggart View” and “Boggart Burrow”. Further still we found “Boggart Bank” and “Boggart Hole”. In fact we saw a lady going into “Boggart Hole”, we did say to her husband that she may never come out, and he said “good”!!??

So what is a Boggart? According to Wikipedia it’s:

“In English folklore, a boggart is, depending on local or regional tradition, either a household spirit or malevolent genius loci inhabiting fields, marshes or other topographical features. The household form causes mischief and things to disappear, milk to sour, and dogs to go lame. The boggarts inhabiting marshes or holes in the ground are often attributed more serious evil doing, such as the abduction of children”.

We do loads of walks in this area. If we’re with the kids and want a longer walk than this one, we do the Padley Gorge Walk. For a longer one with a few steep hills we do the Bole Hill Quarry Walk.

Start/Parking: Park in the Longshaw estate visitor centre car park car park just off the A6187 Owler Bar road Map reference (OL1 266800)


£1.50 - Up to 1 hour

£2.60 - Up to 4 hours

£4.00 - All day

Free  - National Trust members

Walk summery - I have attached a PDF at the bottom.

The Boggarts in Longshaw walk is an excellent walk to get the little ones involved in discovering nature and using their imagination. Extras you need for the walk – a torch, a pencil and maybe a little bread for the ducks.

Guided walks: We have guides available to escort you on your walk. Our guides are very friendly, experienced hill walkers. They are also highly qualified first aiders. Obviously there is a charge for their time; the more there are of you the cheaper it will be. Call 07710 403928 to arrange your guide.

The Start of the boggarts in Longshaw walk.

Take the path downhill which starts at the car park pay station towards the visitor centre. As you enter the woods you’ll find the Boggart rise on the left and the Boggart den on the right.

After having a play here you’ll come to the junction in the path.

We will be taking the right path – but first – turn left and left up the little slope (it feels like you’re at the back of the house and not allowed there, you are). Up the slope you’ll find an old ice house to show the kids (Ice houses are buildings used to store ice throughout the year, commonly used prior to the invention of the refrigerator). This is why you need the torch. Obviously what you tell the kids what this strange room is for is up to you?

After you have finished go to the junction before and take the right hand path to the front of the Longshaw Visitor centre.

Opposite the visitor centre next to the huge field follow the path to the left so you pass in front of the Lodge. 

Continue through the gate and you’ll find the Boggart view on the right in the trees. 

"If he thinks I'm getting in there for the photo..he's got another thing coming??"

Continue on the path to the Boggart Burrow which you’ll find on the left. Just after the Burrow is a duck pond so be careful with the youngsters. A good time to feed the ducks.

Follow the main path down to the large wooden ant. Here you can either carry on the boggarts in Longshaw walk or carry on down the main path to Padley gorge where the kids can paddle and it’s great for a pic-nick. 

Once you’ve had your pic-nick return to the “wooden ant” to finish the Boggarts in longshaw walk.

Have a look in the Granby Discovery centre.

Take the path which branches off the main path next to the ant (on the right if you’re coming from the Hunting Lodge, right if you’re coming from Padley Gorge. 

 Follow this to Boggart Hole. At the hole take the path left (back towards the Lodge) to find the Boggart’s Bank).

You’ll see the path back at the duck pond so you re-trace your steps back to the car park. It is a short walk which is why it’s nice to walk down to the gorge for a pic-nick if the weathers good.

We hope you enjoy the Boggarts in longshaw walk. If you go into the visitor’s centre you’ll find a map and children’s activity sheet to help them.

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