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French lessons for beginners chesterfield - I deliver the best private French lessons for kids and adults near chesterfield and around Derbyshire in a friendly, fun and professional manner.

Learn French with Caroline

My name is Caroline and I deliver private French lessons for beginners from my home in Chesterfield during the day, early evening and on Saturdays. (I also travel to students homes to teach a Minimum of 4).

My French language lessons are for adults and children either one to one or small groups of up to 4. I have many clients and also teach (Part time) in a local Primary School.

My lessons are great for GCSE French support or beginners.

Contact Caroline on

  • Call: (07710) 403928
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  • or via the Contact page for any further information

I have many clients of all ages and also teaches in a local Primary school to years 3 - 6.

Are you going to France for a well-deserved break? Do you feel you need to learn or brush up your French language? Whether you’re off to Paris for a long weekend or driving to Provence to sample the wine and gorge on the food, it’s always a good idea to learn the basics.

The French love it when the Brits try to speak their language. It may surprise you but the French find an English accent speaking French quite sexy!

Learn to speak, write and read French with Caroline, a French National from Provence now teaching (from her house) in Chesterfield Derbyshire (PTLLS qualified and CRB checked).

French lessons for beginners chesterfield:
“I charge £15 per hour or £25 for 2 hours. I can either teach one to one, small family groups (4) or small groups of friends (4). While some people prefer to learn on their own some prefer to learn in a social group”.

“I don’t do school room lessons or Death by Power Point, I teach real French language, reading and writing tuition in a friendly, fun and professional manner”.

“My children are both fluent in French and English. This doesn’t come naturally, this happens through hard work and persistence. Like all children they were born without a language. Over the years they have worked very hard to pick up both English and the French language. In fact my son speaks French with a Provençal accent and has just achieved an A* in his French G.C.S.E. It’s true they have spent holidays in France but they live full time in England”. Caroline

Lessons are held in Caroline’s home (parents are more than welcome to wait with a mug of coffee during the lesson – in another room – if they have any concerns).

Caroline has many clients of all ages and also teaches in a local Primary school.

For further information about arranging private french lessons for beginners chesterfield please use the contact details above or via the Contact page

Learning a new foreign language is never easy – but it's a lot harder if you aren’t learning from a (French) French tutor. You can also improve your chances of learning French by following the following advance:

Constant Listening :
Once my delegates have a basic grasp of the French language the advice is listening more. Listen to French music, French reports on U-tube, online French TV shows and French films on DVD’s, and listen, listen, listen, as often as possible.

Become more curious :
Become a curious student to be more receptive to the French language. Study the nouns and verbs set during your French homework sessions. Try reading online French newspapers and seek out people to practice your language skills on. Get a French dictionary to add to the words you are learning

My Multiple learning methods :
All delegates are different and learn in a different way. I use a whole host of methods for you to achieve your goal of learning the French language. Children learn by singing and play, adults learn by the online tools I use, vocabulary and talking.

Don’t be scared :
To learn, develop and improve your French language, we need to practice speaking it. A huge chunk of my lessons are in French for you to learn and practice that all important French accent. You should come to all the lessons with an open mind and have the motivation to learn. You might feel a little embarrassed but there is no need to. Remember I have a lot of clients and am used to all levels of French speaking.

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I deliver my private French lessons for kids chesterfield to clients from the following areas around Derbyshire at my base in Chesterfield.

Alfreton - Bakewell - Baslow - Bolsover - Brampton - Chesterfield - Clay Cross - Clowne - Dronfield - Eckington - Holmesfield - Holymoorside - Kilamarsh - Matlock Bath - Matlock - Newbold - Sheffield - Shirebridge - Sutton in Ashfield

Learn French with Caroline, French lessons for beginners chesterfield