Treak Cliff Cavern

A cloudy day in the Peak District is better than a sunny day at the office

Treak Cliff cavern dates back to 1750 when minors mined the area for Blue John or Bleu et Jaune. The cavern is near Castleton in the heart of the peak district

What a truly amazing experience. This is a must visit for everyone

The Cavern is open all year round (weather permitting) except Christmas – be advised that times may and sometimes change without warning.

Opening times and tours:

1st march – 31st October the caverns are open at 10am and the last tour starts at 4.20pm.

1st November – 28th February the caves are open every day but you need to telephone for the specific times of the tours.


Children under 16 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult. All admissions are by guided tour and there must be a minimum of 2 people per tour. If you are visiting on your own please call (01433) 621487 to check availability

There is no wheelchair access to the cavern due to the slopes and the steps.

The caverns (Sat Nav code S33 8WP) is near Castleton which situated in the heart of the Peak District National park and one of my favourite places to visit, walk and lead guided hikes up lose hill and Mam tour.

Treak Cliff cavern

Your guide will explain how miners in the 1750’s constructed a tunnel using only hand tools to reach the Blue John stone deposits in the hill. Treak Cliff Hill is the only place in the world where Blue John stone naturally occurs an d it is believed that the name Blue John comes from the French words Bleu et Jaune (Blue and yellow).

On your tour you will see veins of Blue John stone across the cave roof, and the “Pillar” the largest piece ever found.

It is very impressive; your guide will point out fossils in the limestone rock which formed the hillside above you 330 million years ago.

Your guided tour descends deep into the hill where you will experience the wonder of underground limestone cave formations; multi-coloured flowstone adorns the walls of the Aladdin’s cave. Stalactites and stalagmites decorate Fairyland and the Dream Cave. The most famous formation is ‘The Stork’, standing on one leg’.

The Cavern is of international fame and geological importance.

It has been a designated site of specific interest for many years and by agreement with English nature all the Blue John Stone deposits on the visitor route are preserved.

However Blue John Stone is regularly mined in Treak Cliff cavern, from areas not seen by visitors. This is then crafted into fine jewellery, small bowls, ornaments and other decorative items.

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