The Peak Cavern – Devil’s Arse

A rainy day in the Peak District is better than a sunny day stuck in the office

The peak cavern or devils arse in Castleton Derbyshire is the largest natural cave entrance in the British Isles

Castleton is a beautiful part of the country with plenty to do and see. For the really energetic you could set off early and hike from Castleton to Lose hill, Mam tour and back to Castleton. After lunch you could then pay a visit to Peveril castle and then to the Peak Cavern.

Make sure you visit the cavern and unravel the mysteries of the Devil’s Arse and step into this unique world under the Peak District. You’ll find unusual rock formations, the eerie sound of running water and echoes of a bygone age await you. Set in the middle of the picturesque Peak District, deep into the cliff is the Cavern’s imposing entrance chamber – the largest natural cave entrance in the British Isles.

The Devil's arse is set in the middle of the picturesque Peak District town of Castleton, the approach to Cavern is awe-inspiring.

A small riverside walk takes you past centuries old miners’ cottages, opening out into a spectacular limestone gorge. This walk always reminds me of walking in a small village in Savoie, and the French Alpes. Ahead of you are 280ft high vertical cliffs, with the ruins of Peveril Castle towering above. Peveril castle is another great place to visit whilst you are in Castleton.

Within this entrance chamber you will see the remains of an ancient village where a whole community lived and worked making ropes for the local lead mines for more than 400 years. Your tour will begin with a very educational explanation to how they made rope and why this cave (The Devil's Arse) was perfect for its production.

As you venture deeper into the Cavern you will hear the remarkable acoustics of the Orchestra Gallery in the Great Cave, see a perpetual cascade of water at Roger Rain’s House, pass through Pluto’s Dining Room into the Devil’s Cellar where you can hear the source of the river Styx.

Each cavern tour lasts approximately one hour and is fairly easy and suitable for people of all ages, although due to the nature of the caves they may be difficult for those with disabilities. There is a stretch of the cave where I have to crouch down to my knees to pass further into the cave (I’m 6ft 3).

Peak Cavern Admission Prices


Adult                           £9.00                           £9.50                           £15.50

Child (5-15yrs*)         £7.00                           £7.50                           £11.75

Concession                 £8.00                           £8.50                           £13.75

Family (2+2)                £28.50                         £32.00                         £51.00

Additional child        £6.25                           £7.25                           £11.25

* 4 year olds and under free

If you do buy a joint ticket make sure you have the time to use it. I know it sounds obvious. We bought a joint family of 4 ticket and never used it.

For further information visit the official cavern web site

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