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Private French lessons near chesterfield. Learn to speak French one to one with a local French tutor. The best French lessons in chesterfield Derbyshire UK

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The best way to learn French is to live in France and learn from French speakers. The second best way to learn are private French lessons with a French national. We advertise private tutors and companies who teach French on a one to one basis or small family groups.

As well as finding a tutor who delivers Private French lessons near chesterfield we have added 16 other tips on making learning French easier:

1.      Learn your verbs. French verbs can be categorised into –er, -ir and –re verbs.         Make a list of all the verbs you can find (mainly –er) and learn them.

2.       Write out all the nouns on little post it notes and dot them around the house. For example put a note on the window with La fenêtre. Include the La, Le or les and all the little squiggles some of the words have.

3.       Buy yourself a decent French/English dictionary. It is best to purchase a large, good quality one. A rule of thumb is that a good French/English dictionary places the French first. You can expect to spend a reasonable amount on this, but it is well worth it.

4.       Read as much French as you can. Some tutors delivering private French lessons near chesterfield should be able to lend you a French book or magazine. You could try some web pages if you’re OK with reading on-line or buy a French newspaper from a large newsagents.

5.       Listen to French radio online. It’s surprising how much you will pick up just by having French radio on in the background. To start with you will recognise the odd word and soon the odd word or phrase will turn into whole sentences.

6.       Watch French news or TV online.

7.       Have conversations in French. You will be amazed at how much you will learn just by talking to someone who speaks the language.

8.       Pay attention during lessons and practice during the week.

9.       Rather than doing French lessons on your own study in little groups. Either family, friends or another students who is taking private French lessons near chesterfield. You could even arrange to meet these people during the week to practice.

10.   Study every day. This is essential if you want to be successful.

11.   Think in French. Say to yourself "Oh, I see an apple!" Now say it in French - "Ô. Je vois une pomme". Practice this whenever you get a chance - in the car, in bed, in the bathroom, at work, everywhere.

12.   Think positive and remember the reason you wanted to learn the language in the first place. If you need it to pass your GCSE write down what you will achieve once you achieve it. If it’s to go on a skiing holiday in France then put up pictures of the resort you are visiting as a reminder as to why you want to learn.

13.   Subscribe to an online French newsletter, your tutor who delivers private French lessons near chesterfield should be able to help you sign up if you need help.. You'll learn pretty fast this way if you continue to read French.

14.   Go to an online translator website and just type in random phrases that you can use daily. Then try to work these daily into your schedule. However, beware these translators as they are often wrong. Double check with your dictionary or find private French lessons near chesterfield with a good tutor who can help you.

15.    Visit a French speaking country and practice your new skills. Don’t be embarrassed to try to communicate. In our experience respect is given to those who try. When visiting France, don’t just stick to the normal overpriced tourist traps. If you’re looking for a place to eat lunch follow the French office workers and eat where they eat.

16.     Sing up for Private French Lessons near Chesterfield Derbyshire.

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