Private French Tutors near Chesterfield Derbyshire

Are you looking for Private French tutors near Chesterfield? look no further you've found her. Learn to speak French one to one with Caroline a French tutor from the south of France. Caroline delivers the best French lessons in chesterfield Derbyshire and charges just £20 per hour per person.

Private French Lessons near Chesterfield - Derbyshire

Learn to Speak French either one to one or small family groups

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Here's a couple of client testimonials

Learn to speak French one to one or in small family groups (up to 4) with Caroline a French tutor who is French and based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Caroline’s style is very friendly, fun and professional. "There’s nothing worse than trying to learn something new with an unsupportive tutor."

Caroline Close has been living in England since 1992. After spending 15 years as a senior manager and business owner in the hospitality industry she now dedicates her time to teaching her native language - French.

GCSE – That little extra support.

Could you answer the following questions? These are the questions that could come up in a GCSE French oral exam and the types of subjects covered in Caroline's one to one Private French Lessons near Chesterfield Derbyshire:

  • Que fais-tu quand tu as temps libre?
  • Qu'est-ce que tu aimes faire le soir?
  • Est-ce que tu fais du sport?
  • Que font tes parents dans la vie? Comment trouvent-ils leurs emplois?
  • As-tu un petit emploi? Combien gagnes-tu?
  • Est-ce que tu as visité la FranceQuelle est la région que vous préférez?

Caroline, who has her PTLLS teaching qualification, has taught many students how to speak French. Caroline’s students have ranged from Primary school students, GCSE students who needed that little extra support and those who plan to visit France on holiday. Caroline has been approached on several times to translate documents and holiday confirmation letters (written in French) for her students as well - all part of the service.

One GCSE student from St Mary’s school in chesterfield passed his French oral GCSE with an A*. This would not have happened if he didn’t receive extra French tuition with Caroline.

Caroline charges £20 per person per hour and tutors on the following days:

Monday - Wednesday  9am - 6pm

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