Camping In Derbyshire
...and a little information on wild camping in Derbyshire...SHHHHH

I love camping in Derbyshire, it’s so accessible for all the family and you’re never far from anywhere. I stayed in some of the best campsites in Derbyshire and have advice on wild camping in derbyshire

Hi my name is Adrian (this is me at the top of Mam Tor) Thanks for visiting my web site.

I've been hiking and camping in the Dark Peak area for many years and also work as a Hill and Mooreland leader - so if you're ever looking for a guide for your party let me know.

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Wild camping in Derbyshire

For me, camping up in the hills is one of life’s must do essential experiences.

When out hiking you pass lots of pubs with rooms, hotels, youth hostels and camp sites. Campsites are great. You get flushing toilets, hot showers, usually a shop to buy supplies and very often just down the road from a traditional country pub. 

My early morning view on a very wild camp in the Peak District

They’re convenient and friendly but it’s not really Roughin It In The Peaks.

When out with my children, I don’t mind other families having a game of rounders near our tent, or the next door tent’s dog yapping and dribbling over the burgers we’ve just cooked, or the midnight stumbling of a weak bladder catching every guy rope on the way to the nearest tree or even the cavernous snoring tent dweller next door.

But it’s not Roughin It In The Peaks under the stars on a soul searching solo trip back to nature is it? No campsites, no people, no problems.

However the law says…

….There is no provision under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act for camping on open access land. If you wish to wild camp in the Peak District National Park you must first obtain permission from the landowner before camping, otherwise you will be committing a trespass.

The Peak District National Park Authority does not allow wild camping on its own land. 

And of course it's the idiots that force these bans in the first place. If you going to camp in the wild, as many responsable hikers (including me do) there here are some rules:

  • Firstly have fun
  • Stick to the more remote high spots, off the beaten path, so you are not associated with campers who may make a mess and ensure you respect the privacy and livelihood of others. It should be secluded and sheltered but also offer great views when you wake up.
  • The ground should be flat and well drained. You don’t want any ponding water around because they attract midges and digging drainage is a definite no no.
  • Don’t pitch your tent close to streams or rivers in wet weather in case the water level rises whilst you’re sleeping.
  • Use a small one person tent – It’s a lot easier to find space to pitch and avoid brightly coloured tents. You need to be as invisible as possible.
  • Always be aware of carbon monoxide poisoning if cooking under canvas.
  • If you move any rocks always replace them from where they were taken from.
  • Bag up your rubbish, there’s plenty of bins on the walk.
  • Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures and kill nothing but time.
  • Again - Remove all your rubbish and double check the camp site area to be sure.
  • Campfires are definitely out - This is so important. I take my Jet boiler with me for all my cooking and hot drinks.

Accidental summer fires are potentially the single biggest threat to the fragile ecosystem of the Peak District moors. Since 1976 there have been over 350 reported incidents of 'wildfires' of which the majority are commonly started by arson, discarded cigarettes, barbeques and campfires.

Top Tip:

Arrive late and leave early: Plan to arrive at your chosen location as it’s going dark and be packed up and away by the time other walkers are out and about.

If you need to dig a hole, carry a small folding shovel and biodegradable toilet paper (remove the tube to pack down smaller). 

Finally... Show local residents and wildlife the respect they deserve….And have fun!

Just remember go prepared as the Peak district can get a bit sporty!

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