Questions about Chesterfield in Derbyshire England

Do you any questions about chesterfield. Do you have a query or need advice about where to visit and what to see in and around chesterfield Derbyshire near the peak district.

Do you have a question about Chesterfield in Derbyshire or the surrounding area including the Peak District.

  • Is it true that George Stevenson is buried in the church at Chesterfield?
  • Who is George Stevenson??!!
  • Was Chesterfield an old Roman town?
  • Why is the Spire Twisted?
  • Can we take a trip on a canal barge?
  • What can we do with the Kids?
  • Is Padley Gorge the best walk in Derbyshire?

I’m happy to answer nearly all questions asked and offer the best advice I can. As I’ve mentioned on another page I do not work for the tourist board or any local business. I try to offer impartial advice but obviously have my favourite haunts and walks. I also can’t get involved with booking hotels or meals etc. However I know plenty of people in the area so can always find someone who’s stayed in a hotel or eaten at a certain restaurant.  

I try to answer all the questions within a couple of days however if I need to do some research it may take a little longer – but I will always get back to you.

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..and I will answer it as soon as possible - cheers.

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Doggy friendly 
A list of doggy friendly pubs and coffee shops would be much appreciated. Best wishes Alison Rodger

Car parking  
Is there any free car parking on Sunday's?

How far is Chesterfield from London, my step son is moving to Chesterfield for a job he got.. is there a closer airport to Chesterfield or is Heathrow …

Which walks are suitable for dogs? 
Hi, Adrian Really enjoyed the "Walks near Chesterfield" - we're planning a dog walk round Linacre Res and Google directed us here. Could you let …

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