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Welcome to Our aim is to support local businesses by offering a low priced advertising forum to help them attract custom from the 103,000 (2011) residents of Chesterfield and the many visitors to the area.

Finding a good hairdresser or hair stylist is hard work! Why is it that when you finally find someone who understands your hair, cuts it well and you can trust do they up and leave?!

So how do you find good hair dressers near Chesterfield?

The best way, I suppose, like everything else, is by word of mouth. However, if you're new to Chesterfield or haven’t visited before, here are some popular suggestions some of our visitors have made:

Contact the salon and ask a few questions on the phone, ask them:-

  • How many stylists are there in the salon and how long have they been there. You could say you were there 6 months ago but couldn’t remember the name of the stylist as you would like to book them. If they say that all the stylists are new it doesn’t reflect well on the management of the salon.
  • Ask the price the senior stylist is charging. If it’s a high price it means they are going to be busy, another indication of the quality of the staff.

If you visit the hairdressers look around for the qualifications (City and Guilds).

  • Discuss what it is that you want before they wash it; after all how can they tell what your hair is like when it’s wet
  • If you’re still unsure you could book in for a simple wash and blow dry. This means you get to take a look around for half an hour and check them out and observe.

I only give a new hairdresser one chance. I think my hair is difficult to cut because it is curly. Some hairdressers have attempted to cut it and when the hair wax has been washed away tufts appear. Once I had to book in at another hairdresser a week or so after and have them fix the mess the first salon made.

The hairdressers near chesterfield I now use are excellent. When I first visited the stylist told me that my hair was difficult to get right, but informed me that she knew exactly what she was doing.

To conclude, it costs money to train people properly. And if hairdressers have invested in themselves in terms of training and practising then customers should pay accordingly and receive a proper service.

If this philosophy was rolled out across the hair dressing industry then we would not be seeing the substandard work and bad press that hairdressing receives.

I hope this helps anyone looking for a good hair dressers near chesterfield in Derbyshire or the Peak District - because there are some great ones. 

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