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Find quality electricians near chesterfield, derbyshire largest town.

How to find good electricians near chesterfield...

Do good electricians exist? Of course they do it’s the dodgy ones that give any trade a bad name. So how do you avoid the dodgy ones?

Firstly never use an electrician who comes knocking at your door. If you need a job doing quickly, efficiently and professionally always ask a busy person to do it. A busy person hasn’t the time to door knock.

It’s worth knowing that Electricians in England and whales have to comply with Part P of the Building Regulations. Electricians in Scotland have to comply with Building Standards System. There is no equivalent statutory requirement in Northern Ireland at the moment.)

It’s a good idea to contact 3 or 4 electricians and get a quote in writing for the work that is needed and the price, unless the work is minor.

You should also ask for references. A good electrician will not hesitate to provide them.

Check they are approved by a recognised organisation and then contact this organisation to ensure they are.

Ask the electricians to provide a copy of their Public Liability Insurance for you to keep on file.

Ask whether they have a complaints procedure and if they offer an insurance-backed warranty.

If you‘re not employing the electrician yourself but are doing so through a builder or contractor, we would recommend that you check their credentials by going through the same process. Ask for more than verbal assurances. Spoken agreements do not provide any recourse if the electrician is incompetent.

Before the work starts:

  • Agree a timetable of work and get confirmation of their expected completion date in writing.
  • Agree payment terms. Some electricians may ask for material costs up-front which is fair and may also want staged payments for a larger job. It’s probably not a good idea to give them all the money up front.
  • It’s best to pay by cheque so you have a record of all the payments. Regardless of whether you pay by check or cask always ask for a receipt stating that the amount has been paid.
  • If you have any concerns or questions talk to the electrician straight away.
  • If you are unable to resolve any issues with the electrician or the company who employs them, contact the organisation they are approved by. They will be able to advise you and will work with both parties to try and reach a solution. If the electrician you employ does not appear to be approved by any organisation, contact Citizens Advice on their consumer helpline on 0854 04 05 06 or visit their web site
  • After every completed job your electrician should provide you with an electrical installation certificate which will confirm that all the work carried out meets the UK Safety Standard, BS 7671
  • If the electrical work carried out is covered under Building Regulationsyou should receive a certificate to confirm that the work meets the applicable standards
  • Once you have received the certificate(s) relating to the electrical work, put them in a safe place. You may need to provide them as proof that you have had the work carried out safely, especially if you decide to sell the property. It’s a good idea to keep all the payment records too.

We hope this has helped you find good electricians near chesterfield.

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