Cutthorpe Carnival

Cutthorpe Carnival and gala weekend is held on the second Saturday of july and co-insides with the cutthorpe well dressing.

A great family day out.

Fun on the field, it's a great weekend and well worth your support

“Events like the Cutthorpe Gala weekend and Well dressings need to be supported otherwise, like many local initiatives and businesses these days, they will simply disappear!”

Traditionally the third Saturday in July

We are waiting for the current organisers to contact us and let us know the plans for this year’s event. As soon as we have them we will post them here for all to see.

A little History

The original Cutthorpe Carnival and Gala weekend ceased to exist in 1985 but was re-introduced in 2005 by a group of locals to the village and has been going strong ever since.

The original organising committee, which formed in 2005, desperately needed funds to kick off the event so they applied to the national lottery for help and received their first funding, which was a good job because these events are not cheap to put together.

The carnival and gala weekend was organised with the primary intention of raising funds for local groups, charities and organisations such as the W.I, Cutthorpe flower group, cutthorpe art group etc. Secondly, to raise awareness about the ancient art of well dressing; and thirdly to have a great fun weekend bringing all the local community together.

And as for the royal visitors ??

Another positive was that the weekend event also included the Cutthorpe Primary school and the local cubs and scouts into a huge local event. In fact the Head Teacher of Cutthorpe Primary School decided to include Well Dressing into their arts curriculum. The children became very enthused by ancient art and hopefully will carry on the tradition in the future.

The main carnival day is always on the second Saturday of July. Events take place throughout the village but mainly on the large Village green. Events include Food and craft stalls, music and entertainment, games and a children’s fair, food and beer stalls, a dog show and much much more.

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