Bathroom Fitters near Chesterfield

Bathroom fitters near chesterfield are you trying to find a list of bathroom fitters in and around chesterfield in Derbyshire. We have a full list including plumbers near chesterfield.

Bathroom fitters near chesterfield 

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General advice

When you’re having any work done you should contact at least 3 tradesmen or women. You should also ask for the quote in writing and a schedule of timings in writing too. Find out if the tradesperson is doing the whole job themselves or are they sub-contracting. Can they vouch for the sub-contractor?


Costs will obviously increase depending on the work you have done. If it’s more than changing a sink basin i.e. a whole re-design you should think about some money savers. Also bear in mind that if your existing pipework is old it may need changing which adds to the cost. For example in my business I needed a new radiator but was told because the building was so old I would have to have everything re-plumbed as they didn’t make radiators that fitted the pipe size we had – nightmare.

The person doing the job will have to pay business rates to dispose of the scrap i.e. tiles, basins etc. These costs are passed on to you, the customer. So offer to hire a skip or if the waste is not too much offer to dispose of it legally for them.

You need to ask if the person doing the work for you has a minimum charge i.e. half a day. If this is the case rather than paying ½ a day’s fee for an hours work combine a few smaller jobs to get your money’s worth.



Ask the bathroom your bathroom fitters what happens if they damage anything like tiles? Who pays for the re-tiling? Are you able to do this yourself?

If you are having your bathroom tiled make you employ someone who can prove their skills. Possible visit a bathroom they have fitted (This is probably quite difficult). If you take a bathroom fitter on who is not experienced the job may take a lot longer meaning your paying for more days than necessary.

NB: Please note while the web editor has recently had his bathroom refurbished he is not an expert and the above is just for advice. If you need a local here try here 

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